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Welcome to Liceworld – All You Need to Know about Head Lice

On Liceworld you will find information on biology and behaviour of the head louse, as well as an overview of the many different head lice products and nit combs available.

By gaining knowledge on head lice biology, you will begin to understand why this little pest has developed into a common problem all over the world. And if you know something about the life of the louse, it will make it easier for you to focus on what are dos and don’ts in order to eradicate them.
  On Liceworld you will find information on: How different types of head lice products work (mode of action); if and why resistance problems are associated with a specific type of head lice product; if the nit comb or the head lice product has been clinically tested and found to be efficient in a real life setting; and other information relevant for your choice of nit comb or head lice product. The text is illustrated with drawings, videos and photographs.

In the menu bar to the right, you will find links to frequently asked questions and answers. Furthermore, you are able to download and print information material such as ‘What do I do when I find head lice?’ recommendations for schools, kindergartens, school nurses and parents.

Myths & Facts  
  Why can lice make you itch?
Does uncleanliness attract lice?
Do the lice die if you stay long in a sauna?

Questions and answers

  Lice in the family.

Lice in schools and kindergardens.

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